Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine's Photos | Kai, Koen & Nya

I always like to take a few Valentine's Day themed photos of my kids.  I've made the photos into bookmarks in the past and this year, I turned them into magnets.  You never know how each child is going to respond to the 10 minutes of photos I want to take, and in this case, it was Koen who was into it.  Kai said that it was the worst day of his life (although that tends to happen more frequently these days!) and Nya was not interested in having her brothers touch her or come near her.  
By the way, that `booth' is just our old LAKK Ikea table with the legs drilled into the end.  That way we can convert it back to a table when we're done with the stand.  Also, if you are interested in seeing how to turn your photos into magnets in a super easy and affordable way, check it out here.  

This weekend we'll be doing an engagement session at the lovely Lighthouse Park.  I LOVE that location.  

Hope you are doing well and thanks for checking our posts out :)

Louise & Gary

Monday, January 5, 2015

Lauren & Randy | Granville Island Engagement Session

I've known Lauren for a long time as she was a student that I also coached in ball hockey.  She is a teacher now and has a passion for photography too.  I love seeing past students and I really love seeing them so happy!  Lauren met Randy earlier in 2014 and got engaged just seven months later.  He is such a gentleman and super friendly.  He also really knows how to pick out a wedding ring (I love it!).   We met up at Granville Island at the end of December, which may seem like a crazy time for photos, but it worked really well.  Gary and I are looking forward to their wedding in July...hopefully it doesn't involve messy crepes or Settlers of Catan although I'm sure embarrassing dating stories will be told about them ;)  Actually, crepes at a wedding would be lovely, right?


Randy and Lauren, thank you so much for choosing us to capture your big day!

Love, Louise & Gary

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Koen Turns Six

Every year, I take photos of my kids on/near their birthdays.  Poor Koen was born January 2 so his sessions are always a tad bit chilly.  I promised him it would take less than 10 minutes and let him choose the spots that he wanted.  Koen has a hard time smiling for photos because he can't fake it.  His face just always expresses how he really feels.  He's our sensitive guy.

Koen is unique.  He plays very well on his own and makes up many creative games.  He loves playing with his stuffies and will spend the day sending them on an Amazing Race, or playing Ninja Warrior or even The Price is Right.  He loves to cuddle with us or his stuffies and his special blanket; Bubi.

He will either play independently or he will follow what other people do.  He usually does not take the lead unless the kids are much younger than him.  He copies others in play and all it takes is one suggestion and Koen will throw himself in 100% without thinking about what might happen.  This is great because he's enthusiastic and eager.  This is also concerning when I think about him as a teenager!

He has a caring heart.  When he hears that someone is sick, his first thought is `We need to pray for them!'.  He worries about others and wants to make sure they are all safe.

He is goofy.  He loves to laugh about `toilet humour' and he has many inside jokes with his big brother, Kai.

He loves his siblings so much.  He knows them very well and really enjoys pestering them.

Koen has taught me patience.  He has provided us with so many laughs.  His thoughtfulness can melt my heart.

Like his big brother, his appetite is wild.  He loves all food (except for mushrooms) but his favourite of all are mangoes.  That was what he wanted for his birthday...a box of mangoes.  

We love you Koey/Doughball/Cobalt/Koen and are so thankful for you.