Friday, August 14, 2015

Lauren & Randy | Campbell Valley Park Wedding Photos

Lauren and Randy--what a genuine, considerate, and sweet couple!  They had a beautiful day filled with happy tears and lots of laughs.  I was definitely tearing up during the vows...and when Lauren's class sang...and...well, the speeches moved a few people to tears, too.

Thank you so much for having us capture your day--we had a great time!  I'm so happy you two found each other and I look forward to following your journey onwards as husband and wife. 

Louise & Gary


Carol said...

Another great job capturing this wedding, Louise!

kelly ens said...

soooo pretty! I love Lauren's dress!!! I also love the bridesmaid dresses...any chance you (or one of the wedding party) can let me know where those are from? So cute!

Louise Chapman said...

Le Chateau!

kelly ens said...

Thanks! :)