Friday, June 5, 2015

Shannon & Edwin | Green Timbers Park

Shannon & Edwin's engagement session was at Green Timbers Park in Surrey.  This beautiful park is where they had their first date and where Edwin proposed (it was on the bench that you'll see).  I've known Shannon for years as I taught her and now follow her through her blog. She is the sweetest girl/woman and I'm so happy that these two found each other and I'm looking forward to spending a whole day with them in July!

Congratulations Shannon & Edwin!
Louise & Gary.


kelly ens said...

These are sooo lovely! And the ones with the sun flare? Yes!!!

Shannon said...

I love the ones in the field at the end! I also thought I wouldn't love the ones we took on the hill at the beginning but I do like them!!!! (I think all women are critical of themselves though...hahaha) Thanks Louise & Gary- it was so fun!!!!!

Heidi said...

These are SO lovely!!!!!!! The bench ones are beautiful!! I feel the love!! Man, you guys are going to make cute babies ;) xo