Thursday, June 18, 2015

Donna & Sam | Chilliwack Wedding

Genuine and sweet couple, gorgeous and relaxing location, amazing light and warm temperatures; it was a perfect day.  Donna and Sam had their wedding at Stillwood which is by Cultus Lake.  We truly had an amazing time with them as their wedding party was so sweet and the location was breathtaking (that driveway!!!).  Donna is a past student of mine which always makes a wedding extra special.  The day was filled with bittersweet tears which I also contributed to.  I know there are a lot of photos but I want you to get a sense of the day.  Enjoy.

And yes, I realize that one picture in here appears twice, in case anyone wanted to point that out :)
Congratulations Donna and Sam! Thank you so much for having us along for your wedding day.
Louise and Gary

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Jackie said...

It's been a while since I"ve seen some GC wedding nice!
Lovely location and beautiful wedding!
I LOVE his (assuming) crying face on the first look photo ;).
...and a recorder at the reception? Very interesting... ;)