Monday, January 5, 2015

Lauren & Randy | Granville Island Engagement Session

I've known Lauren for a long time as she was a student that I also coached in ball hockey.  She is a teacher now and has a passion for photography too.  I love seeing past students and I really love seeing them so happy!  Lauren met Randy earlier in 2014 and got engaged just seven months later.  He is such a gentleman and super friendly.  He also really knows how to pick out a wedding ring (I love it!).   We met up at Granville Island at the end of December, which may seem like a crazy time for photos, but it worked really well.  Gary and I are looking forward to their wedding in July...hopefully it doesn't involve messy crepes or Settlers of Catan although I'm sure embarrassing dating stories will be told about them ;)  Actually, crepes at a wedding would be lovely, right?


Randy and Lauren, thank you so much for choosing us to capture your big day!

Love, Louise & Gary

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Carol said...

Another great job, Louise!