Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lucy Turns One | Stewart Farm Mini Session

First of all, thank you to all of you for your kind comments on our facebook page.  Yes, we are taking a break from family sessions and I LOVE hearing how much you treasure your family photos.  Thank you.

One of my last sessions was with this special little family.  I first photographed big sister Claire when she turned one, and now,  here we are a few years later capturing baby Lucy's 1st birthday!  Adorable.  Her smile. Her hair.  Her family's great love for her.  

I love that it still feels summery out there.  Here is our mini session at Stewart Farm, such an ideal location!

Love you G family!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I'm not very good with change, but it's time.

In 2007 we got our business license and started GC Photography.  I was still learning the ropes so I decided to run the business and assist Gary during sessions.   Over the years,  I learned a lot and took over almost all of the photography while Gary assisted in weddings and worked full time as a teacher.
When Koen was born in 2009, I ended up not returning to teaching and was able to work as a photographer part time.   There was a lot of balancing going on; how much work to take, when, and what kind.  We were contantly trying to figure out how much to grow the business and then slow it down after the arrival of each child.  We liked keeping it small, simple and low cost to keep our prices down.  More than anything, we are so, so incredibly thankful for all of those that have supported us over the years.

What an awesome experience to have your own business.  I could work while the kids napped.  I could be home with my kids.  I could go on their field trips.  I didn't have to worry about daycare except for weddings.  We had great photography equipment that I knew how to use and I could capture our day to day beautifully.

About 100 weddings and 250ish family sessions later, it is time for a change.  The hard part about having your own photography business is that you work on weekends.  Every weekend. Your holidays need to be planned a year in advance because of wedding bookings.  When your kids stop napping early at the age of 2 (Nya Chapman!!), you need to work at night when they go to bed.  I want to still love photography.

Right now, we are taking a step back.  We will still take 5 weddings per year (please continue to pass our name on to your friends!), but at this time, no more family sessions.

{Our `baby' Nya and her silly tan lines}

I have one little girl still at home and would love to spend my time with her without worrying about all that work that needs to get done.  I have a `little' 5 year old boy who is still home part time this year.  I have an 8 year old who is growing like a weed and I want to be sure to have quality time with him each evening after school.

 I have been doing some teaching on call so I hope to continue with that.  I also hope to work on my personal blog a bit more (you can find it here).   It's a bit scary saying `goodbye' to an income but I know that family and sanity come first.  Our kids are only little once and we love using our weekends to explore.

Remember, we will still keep our licence and insurance to keep doing weddings so please continue to recommend us.  Also, depending on how things go, I can see opening up a Spring Family Mini Sessions day or something similar.  I still have three more sessions over the next month and then it will be quiet for a while.  

Again, thank you so much to everyone who has booked us or recommended us or commented or encouraged us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  I have met so many awesome people through photography and I am so grateful for you all.

Please continue to follow GC Photography.  We will still have posts about once a month.

Love, Louise & Gary

Monday, September 8, 2014

Dan & Nicole | Deer Lake Wedding Photos

Dan and Nicole met in high school during the good old days of flirting over msn (that's how Gary and I got to know each other too).  They started dating in grade 10 and Dan even made Nicole an circuit board heart that lit up and now he's an electrician!  They had their wedding day near the end of August and it was perfect.   I started out at Knotz with the girls, while Gary met up with the boys.  The ceremony was held at Emmaus Lutheran Church which was where Nicole's parents got married years ago.  The ceremony was officiated by her great uncle who also officiated her parents wedding!  The wedding photos took place at Deer Lake Park which is the same location as their engagement photos in the spring. 

All right, I hope you enjoy these photos!  I love the ones in the forested area of Deer Lake.

Dan and Nicole, thank you so much for having us along.  We had a wonderful time with you two, your wedding party, and families.  It was the perfect way to end off our wedding season.  Thank you!

Love, Louise and Gary
See, the ones in the forest were pretty beautiful, right?!

Congratulations again, Dan and Nicole!