Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ben, Jacob & Elliot | Surrey Family Photos

Anita is a fellow teacher, photographer and mom of three!  We have a lot more in common and I'm so thankful for our now traditional family photo swaps.   Having three young boys can be wild and crazy in regards to the need for patience but also in the amount of fun.  Jon and Anita are raising these boys in such an admirable way and embrace the chaos with so much energy, grace and love. 

 I'm not one for protecting any locations, so if you're looking for a photo friendly park to visit, these were taken in the evening at Hi-Knoll Park in Surrey.  Beautiful backlighting on a spring/summer night!

All right, here we go. Enjoy!
Jon and Anita, as always, such a pleasure.
Love, Louise

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nya Turns Two

Our little girl is two years old today.  We are so incredibly thankful for all that she has brought into our lives.  She brings us joy with her cuddles, cheerful observations, and ever present smile.  She is confident and brave and very much in love with Dora.   She loves a pretty dress and fun shoes.  Her sweet singing voice melts me every time.  She makes me giggle when I hear her in the monitor saying `I see you mommy!' or singing `Happy birthday'.  So thankful for this beautiful gift.

Love you Miss Nya!
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Kai and Koen.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Noah & Asher | Fort Langley Family Session

I first photographed Matt and Carolyn back when Noah was a newborn.   Then there was the pregnancy announcement, Asher's newborn photos, and now some family photos to celebrate their anniversary!  There are several families that I have photographed multiple times over the years and I'm thankful for their continued support. I think they have covered every location for photography; home, studio, nature and now architecture/buildings!  Love the variety.

Carolyn is a blogging mama so we've kept in touch through the online world for years now.  I know sometimes parents think their kids will be way too wild for photos but if you just relax (and bring some chocolate chips), you'll usually get some frame worthy photos.  

Happy anniversary Matt and Carolyn!  Love, Louise

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Adrianna & Willem | Ellwood Park Family Photos

I took photos of Jackie and Harvie last spring when they were expecting little Willem and now he's here!  Somehow they had some rain during their session last year and even more this time.  So, with a last minute location change to Ellwood Park, we were able to do the session under cover.

This family is soooo adorable and I love the navy blue in their photos.  In case you are new here, if I post a picture in black and white, they also get that photo in colour as I know some people aren't the biggest fans of black and white.  Just saying :)

These photos were taken over the Mother's Day weekend and I just think it's SUCH a great gift for a mom.  Who wouldn't want family photos?  And the photos of Harvie with the kids? So cute as we think forward to Father's Day.  They found daddy pretty hilarious.  Jackie and Harvie, you have an awesome family.

Love, Louise

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dan & Nicole | Deer Lake Engagement Photos

Dan and Nicole are highschool sweethearts that met and started dating back in grade 10.  After 10 years of dating, they will be getting married at the end of August.  They are really laid back and friendly, and seriously, how photogenic are they?!   Deer Lake is gorgeous right now with the garden in bloom.  It's such a versatile place and we are looking forward to doing their wedding photos there too!  Congratulations on your engagement, Dan and Nicole.  It was great to spend some time together and I hope the rest of the wedding planning goes really well.

Love, Louise and Gary