Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I just want to take a minute to say `thank you' for following GC Photography.  We are again so grateful for another wonderful year of capturing family photos and beautiful weddings.  We love catching up with old friends and making new ones.  We look forward to eight weddings in 2015 and hope that you will continue to see what we're up to.   You can always follow our personal blog which you can find here :)  

I hope that during this busy Christmas season, you will have some time of rest, relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation. I'm thankful that Gary will be home for two weeks to help out with our three wild and adorable monkeys.

Merry Christmas, everyone!  May your 2015 be wonderful.

Louise & Gary

{Nya: 2.5 years old. Unbelievably sweet.}

{Koen: 6 next week.  Full of personality and cuddles.}

{Kai: 8.5 years old. Mr. Helpful and a great rock climber.}

{So thankful for our kiddos!}

I wanted to take a Christmas family photo this weekend but I'm not sure how much Gary will be in the mood for that (he prefers being on the other side of the camera), so for now, we'll stick with our September family photo...

{This photo is by Anita of Purple Door Photography}

Again, thank you so much.  Because of YOU, I am able to stay home with my kids and Gary and I are able to work together capturing beautiful moments.

Thankful for 2014 and looking forward to all that is to come!