Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chapman Family Photos | Abbotsford

Gary and I are blessed with some solid extended families.  Beautiful people, inside and out.  Once every year or two, my mother in law requests family photos.  I know how much I appreciate having our own family photos to put up in our home, so I understand.   It's always a little chaotic doing these photos and I feel that they lack creativity (oh the joys of a tripod and remote trigger) but I still want to share them because these people are important to us.

Also, I just wanted to let you know that the Abbostford Exhibition Park has some great backgrounds to use.  I think I would definitely use the blue wall and tunnel again!
Although my kids are so much younger, the older cousins are so inclusive and Gary and I appreciate it so much!  Yay for family.



kelly ens said...

These pictures are so great! And thank you for the tip on a great location...definitely going to go there!

Carol said...

I enjoyed seeing these. In that first photo it is cute how your boys have their hands in their pockets and are standing like their cool older cousins!