Monday, September 8, 2014

Dan & Nicole | Deer Lake Wedding Photos

Dan and Nicole met in high school during the good old days of flirting over msn (that's how Gary and I got to know each other too).  They started dating in grade 10 and Dan even made Nicole an circuit board heart that lit up and now he's an electrician!  They had their wedding day near the end of August and it was perfect.   I started out at Knotz with the girls, while Gary met up with the boys.  The ceremony was held at Emmaus Lutheran Church which was where Nicole's parents got married years ago.  The ceremony was officiated by her great uncle who also officiated her parents wedding!  The wedding photos took place at Deer Lake Park which is the same location as their engagement photos in the spring. 

All right, I hope you enjoy these photos!  I love the ones in the forested area of Deer Lake.

Dan and Nicole, thank you so much for having us along.  We had a wonderful time with you two, your wedding party, and families.  It was the perfect way to end off our wedding season.  Thank you!

Love, Louise and Gary
See, the ones in the forest were pretty beautiful, right?!

Congratulations again, Dan and Nicole!


kelly ens said...

SO gorgeous! There were a few pics with wild flowers peeking up at the bottom of the image...loved those :)
she had the same wedding dress my sis did last year! And my hubs and I chatted on MSN too ;)

Carol said...

Beautiful indeed!

Nicole R said...

Love love love these photos. Definitely will use your company again!