Monday, June 9, 2014

Dave & Julianne | Mission Engagement Session

Last week I met with Dave and Julianne at Mission's Fraser River Heritage Park for their engagement session.  Gary and I are really looking forward to their wedding in July (so soon!).  I LOVE all of the different connections that we have with them; Dave was in my first Biology 12 class, Gary was his basketball coach, and his mom currently teaches our oldest son, Kai.  Another big one is that Dave's dad gave me my very first photography lesson which inspired me to pick up Gary's `scary' DSLR 9 years ago and try it out.  I can't look at a leading line and not think of that lesson years and years ago.  Oh yes, and one pretty cool similarity is that Dave and Julianne are both teachers and met at the same school which is the exact same story as Gary and I!!

Before looking at these photos I just have to say that one thing I really noticed about this couple is that Julianne completely trusts Dave.  I love that.  Maybe it's because I have a bit of a controlling personality but I tend to like to make the decisions.  Julianne says she just trusts him (to recommend us as photographers, to draw the heart-you'll see, and many more) and I think that is such a wonderful way to start a marriage.  Full of respect.  

All right, time for photos...enjoy!
Dave & Julianne, thank you for having us join you on your wedding day.  We look forward to celebrating with you!
Love, Louise and Gary

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Carol said...

Outstanding photos, Louise!