Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ben, Jacob & Elliot | Surrey Family Photos

Anita is a fellow teacher, photographer and mom of three!  We have a lot more in common and I'm so thankful for our now traditional family photo swaps.   Having three young boys can be wild and crazy in regards to the need for patience but also in the amount of fun.  Jon and Anita are raising these boys in such an admirable way and embrace the chaos with so much energy, grace and love. 

 I'm not one for protecting any locations, so if you're looking for a photo friendly park to visit, these were taken in the evening at Hi-Knoll Park in Surrey.  Beautiful backlighting on a spring/summer night!

All right, here we go. Enjoy!
Jon and Anita, as always, such a pleasure.
Love, Louise

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kelly ens said...

gorgeous family, great location!