Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lindsay & Greg | Stanley Park Engagement Photos

Lindsay and Greg met online on a Canucks forum, which just goes to show, you never know where you will meet your future spouse!  They are super laid back and enjoy hanging out at home and with family.  They totally trust us and let us do our thing which is awesome.  We met up at Stanley Park which is where they had their second date and where Greg currently works.  We took photos at Brockton Point and Prospect Point which worked out so well, even though it was pretty busy.  Gary and I are looking forward to their June wedding which suddenly doesn't seem that far away!

Greg, you'll see towards the end what I meant about the `yummy light' was good.  So great to see some sunshine.  Aren't you two cute?!
Congratulations on your engagement, Greg and Lindsay!! Happy wedding planning.
Love, Louise and Gary


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I love the color of her eyes AND her sweater :)