Friday, February 21, 2014

Elly's Birthday | Extended Family Photos

This past weekend was wild weather wise but no matter what, they were going ahead with their family photos!  It was Elly/mom/oma's birthday and the kids all surprised her by coming to the Lower Mainland at the same time.  Her youngest daughter and family weren't supposed to be down from Nunavut for another two weeks, and as they were skyping and pretending to still be up north, they appeared in the living room!  Great start to the birthday weekend.

I love this family.  I went to school with them, am very good friends with Ali (in the pink cardigan), and we were wedding photographers for Kyle and Lindsay.  Oh, and I taught Kyle too!  They are goofy and loving and adventurous.  Love that combo.  I don't usually do extended family photos (oh my goodness, trying to get a whole bunch of cold, young kids to look at me is not the easiest!) but was happy to make an exception in this case.

Happy birthday, Elly!  I'm glad that you were surprised and hopefully you love your newest family photos! 


Margaret said...

Beautiful family pictures. Elly, you are very blessed!

Carol said...

Great job on this extended family portrait session, Louise!