Sunday, January 5, 2014

Koen Turns 5

Our middle child, Koen, turned five this past week!  I like to take pictures of my kids around their birthdays but often it's tricky for a January birthday.  Fortunately this weekend was sunny so I took Koen to a nearby field and got just a few to capture his personality. 

He is energetic and enthusiastic.  He has such a hard time sitting still as he is a very physical boy.  He loves to cuddle and run and wrestle.   He also loves to bug his brother and sister.  He seems quite gifted in this area :)

He is thoughtful and creative and plays so well on his own.  He is friendly and outgoing and can also play well with almost anyone.  

He is an amazing eater of everything except avocado.  His favourite thing to eat are mangoes.

We are so thankful for each of our kids and they each add a unique dimension to our family.  I would say that Koen adds to the fun, laughter, and playfulness in our family.  Such blessings, all of them. 

Happy 5th Birthday, Koen (or as Kai calls you `K-O-E-N' or  Nya calls you `Oooooh-eeee!)!

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kelly ens said...

So cute - what a ball of energy! :)

(hey - we 'made' the header - yippee!)