Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christine & Andrew | Granville Island Engagement Session

Christine and Andrew have a long distance relationship so I was so glad that when he was visiting last week, the weather was perfect.   Andrew and Christine met last year and look where they are now...wedding planning!  They have a deep commitment and their `I love you's' are plenty.  I don't have a natural tendency to hug, but I've hugged Christine each time I've seen her, they are both just so friendly.

 I'm so happy that they have found one another as you just never know where you might find your partner!  For Gary and I, we met when we started teaching the same year.  For them, they met the first month they went into online dating (I think it was actually Christine's first day trying it out!). 

We are looking forward to their June wedding which will be filled with smiles and `I love you's'.  I'm also loving that Christine is so detail orientated and prepared...you should have seen her changing from one outfit to the next.  She was uber prepared with leggings and tank top underneath to get changed anywhere.  Just a tip to any future brides:)  Happy wedding planning you two!

Love, Louise and Gary

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