Monday, September 23, 2013

Miller & Lily | Stewart Farms Family Photos

I am so thankful that we got this session in when we did!  The weather has been so tricky lately and the evening we did this, it was perfect.   I love Stewart Farms in late September as the apple orchard is full of apples...must remember that date for next year!  It was the perfect setting for two energetic children.  Miller has just turned one and big sister Lily enjoyed celebrating it by playing with the balloons and possibly eating the Oreo off of his cupcake before he had a chance to :) 

I have a few tricks up my sleeve when photographing little kids and they loved each one of them, phew!  Hiding behind the reflector, apples on my head, singing `Happy Birthday', and the `Don't smile!' all seemed to work.  Brandy and Andy, it was great to see you and your family again...sorry I subjected you to my singing.  
I love the photos below because it is exactly what Gary did with our kids when they were little and they would respond the same way.
Happy first birthday, Miller!
Love, Louise

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Violet & Hendrik | Mini Family Session

I really think that mini sessions are perfect for a two year old :)  Twenty minutes, one good spot...happy kids (and therefore happy mom and dad!)!   Here are Jason and Marla's family photos with their newest addition;  3 month old Hendrik!
Aw, you two are so cute :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Williams Park Extended Family Session

You might remember the first family from their session last October.  Well, this time they had a full extended family session back at Williams Park.  Little Lucas is just 1.5 years old and he stole the show...especially when he was playing  in the stream at the very end of the session and ended up completely soaked!  Here are some pictures of my very last extended family session.  Thanks for organizing it Lisa, so great to get to know your extended family.  Your father-in-law reminds me of my own dad and I'm glad I finally got some smiles out of those boys.  Enjoy!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Back To School Mini Sessions | Tynehead Park

It's back to school time! Wow, we had an amazing summer but I have to say that in this house, we are all ready to head back to school.  Well, Gary back to teaching and Kai off to grade two!  Koen still has another year of preschool (he's a January 2 baby, so close!) and I'll be subbing part time!

Every year I love to get some `Back To School' photos of my own kids.  Just like last year, I did a night of mini sessions and below are some of the adorable kiddos!  I love having them write their own name and grade (if they want) so when you look back you can see their cute little writing at that age:)  Here are some of the photos from our cloudy mini session night...just a few raindrops at the end but we made it!

Happy Back to School Everyone!

Love, Louise

{First off is Brooke.  So sweet and she's headed to kindergarten! } 
{Next up is a group of cousins who I have enjoyed photographing over the years!  They just rocked the photos so they had time to get some group combos too!}
{And a couple of my own kids with haircuts that were just a bit too short, oops :)}
Happy September!!