Monday, April 29, 2013

Mark & Erynn | Stewart Farms Wedding Photos

Mark & Erynn are the sweet couple that had the canoe engagement session at Pitt Lake.  Loved that one.   When we met with them last year, one thing they mentioned was that they really wanted some fun and goofy pictures.  You will see some throughout and there are a whole lot more that they will find on their disks :)   

I was welcomed into the bride's home in the morning while everyone was getting ready.  Erynn was a bit nervous but full of smiles.  The wedding party was wonderful...and tall.  I even had to bring a little stepladder with me.  Gary met up with Mark and the groomsmen out in Abbotsford and they had a good time playing some ball before heading to the ceremony.

I'll add a few more comments throughout..enjoy!
{Check out Erynn's face when her little nephews arrived...}
{Did you notice what the girls' shirts say?}
The guys all went to Delair Park to play a little ball.  They also were able to spend a minute or two remembering Mark and Richard's brother who passed away.
{Then it was off to the ceremony which took place at the Chateau Cargill which is such a great venue.}
{I love seeing how engagement photos are used throughout the day; invitations, programs, guest book, on wine bottles etc}

{Cute little moment before the ceremony...}
{These cute little ring bearers needed a little help from their dad.  The flower girl embraced her time walking down the aisle and had a great time!}
{After family photos, it was off to Historic Stewart Farms for the wedding party photos.}
{Yes, the guys actually jumped over the bridesmaids.}
{Then the wedding party had some time `off' while we got some time with just the bride and groom.}
{And...back to the Chateau Cargill for the reception!}
{Instead of cutting the cake, they had `Cutting the Cinnamon Bun'}

Mark and Erynn, congratulations.  We wish you all the best as you not only adjust to being husband and wife but also as you do so in a new town!  Thank you for having us document your big day, we had a great time!
Love, Louise and Gary.