Friday, March 22, 2013

Nya and I | 10 Months Old

This afternoon, the boys were visiting grandma and grandpa for a few hours, the sun was out (sporadically), and Gary was had a few minutes to relax and watch whatever basketball game was playing. March Madness is his favourite sporting event of the year.  I asked Gary if we could go and take some pictures of Nya and I as she just turned 10 months old today, and he said yes.  Thank you, Gary!!  We took just a few minutes to get these photos and I'm so glad we did them.  True, I wish I had more time to flatten my hair but oh well, it's not like I ever do my hair anyway:)  I love having pictures with my family.  LOVE IT.

Nya turned 10 months old today.  I love her to bits.  She is so incredibly happy and laid back.  She is so quick to smile.  She loves her momma.  She also loves Kai's silly voices, trying to catch Koen's cars, tickles from daddy, and playing in the bath tub.  She is chit chatting away all the time and is very much on the move by crawling and furniture cruising.  I am so thankful for each child that we have and how they all shape our family.  Nya adds a lot of joy and sweetness and softens us all.  This stage is wonderful; she is so interactive and yet she can play independently exploring every bit of our home. 

Happy 10 months baby girl.  We love you so much and thank God for you daily.  XOXO.

PS Yay for spring sunshine on the Lower Mainland!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blakelyn | Tynehead Park Family Photos

Meet Blakelyn.  She is a sweet little girl who just turned two!   She is also an ADORABLE energizer bunny:)  She did not stop, and wow, does she have a lot of energy.  I love that...such a zest for life.   Knowing this, Jen and Ian booked a mini session (20 minutes) so that it wouldn't be too hard on her to sit still for a bit.  It worked perfectly.  

Also, I was so thankful that Jen and Ian could switch their session date at the last minute.  Saturday had an incredible amount of rain but Sunday was perfect!! 

Here are some pictures of Jen, Ian and Blakelyn at Tynehead Park.  Fortunately we were in the dog park area so that kept Blakelyn VERY entertained :)    Enjoy.
Below is what she was like most of the time.  I love it!  
Happy 2nd birthday Blakelyn!  It was nice meeting you....and chasing you :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Marlo & Kevin | Wedding Photos

Marlo and Kevin had their wedding day in early February, and wow, it was perfect!  The day went so smoothly and the only raindrops that fell happened as they were getting ready.   I met with Marlo and the bridesmaids at her mom's home in the morning.  There I found them in their personalized monogrammed robes getting all prettied up.   Talking about names, this is so random, but my legal first name is actually Patricia (Louise is my middle name).  Well, Patricia is also Marlo's AND her mom's middle name AND her mother in law's name!  It's not a very common name so kind of a fun connection.  

Okay, back to the wedding.  Marlo (and Kevin) had put a lot of planning into their big day and I'm so glad that all that Marlo envisioned came to be!  She loves her bling so it was evident EVERYWHERE.  I love how `them' it was.  Also, she even made her own wedding cake, who does that?  It was beautiful.  I'll write more thoughout....enjoy!

{I love these shots of Marlo below, isn't she gorgeous?!}
{Here is her dad seeing her for the first time...}
{Gary spent some time with the guys getting ready.}
{Then it was off the ceremony at Como Lake United Church.}
{After the family photos, we went to New Westminster to do the portraits.   The weather was perfectly overcast and it wasn't too chilly.  I LOVED this pedestrian walkway and HAVE to use it again.}
{You can see the beautiful wedding gifts they gave to each other.  Marlo received a diamond bracelet and Kevin's watch was his gift!}
{Then it was off to Westwood Plateau for the reception.  They had just a few more photos done here as Marlo really wanted some with confetti!}
{You can see behind the scene parties are fabulous/helpful/wonderful!}
{Inside, Marlo had spent so much time and energy putting her vision together.  I think it looks beautiful.}
{I'm including the picture below because on the left are personalized M+M's with their pictures and names.  I can tell you, in over 50 weddings that Gary and I have been to, we have never seen this, EXCEPT AT OUR OWN!!  By the way, I LOVE, LOOOOOOVE when couples use their engagement photos on their wedding day. }
{Let the fun begin!}
Marlo and Kevin, thank you for having us along on your big day!  We had a great time hanging out with you all and were so happy to see you both so happy.  I love how you had scouted out the areas you wanted and then just let us do our thing.  You were both so relaxed and easy going.  Congratulations on your `I Do's' and all the best to you as husband and wife!!

Love, Louise and Gary

PS Thank you for the pizza slices:)