Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tabitha & Sonny | Granville Island Engagement Session

Tabitha and Sonny met while volunteering on Mercy Ships in Guinea.  How cool is that?  Very.  It also tells you a lot about their hearts and their sense of adventure.  We are very excited to photograph their wedding day as they are such beautiful people, inside and out.   

Tabitha is also super awesome because she is one of five girls, just like me!  I think her family is the only other one I know where there are five girls and no boys. 

Tabitha and Sonny are doing the long distance wedding planning right now as he is from Australia and works abroad, on a ship, for months at a time.  I'm so glad that a fall engagement session after just getting engaged, worked out!  Here they are, on Granville Island, celebrating their love and future lives together.  Such a fun time in their lifelong journey together!  Enjoy. 
You guys are awesome.  And so cute.  Happy wedding planning!  Love, Louise and Gary.


kelly ens said...

Congrats Tabitha!
Great pictures, Louise :)

Bethany said...

LOVE these!!!

Rachel Cornelsen said...

These are awesome, and as usual Louise you have captured the couple beautifully!!

Ali said...

Congratulations Tabitha!! Lovely shots Louise.

Carol said...

Great variety of photos! I especially like the ones with the cityscape/bridge/water in the background.

Heather said...

Fantastic! So very happy for you Tabitha! ! Beautiful photos, but of course a beautiful couple very much in love!