Monday, November 4, 2013

Alf & Kelly | 10 Year Anniversary Session

Alf and Kelly will be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in December.  Being that December is pretty dark, they wanted to have a family/couple session in the fall.  After MANY days of having to reschedule (due to weather), we finally had a beautiful day over the Thanksgiving weekend.  They had decided on doing it at Lighthouse Park which is such a gorgeous location.   It is also a very special place to them as Kelly grew up going there with her family on Sunday afternoons and also, it is where Alf and Kelly went on their first date!

Kelly is also a photographer which is awesome because we often talk `shop'.  We also have kids of similar ages which is always fun.  I think it's so great that they celebrated their anniversary with a photo session and Kelly even wore her wedding dress for some photos!  It still fits and is even too big?!  Wow. The bouquet was tied with the ribbon from their original wedding bouquet.

We did the first part with the kids and then Kelly's family was able to watch them while we hiked to another point.  I definitely got a work out in so it's good thing I love the outdoors:)  It is obvious the love, gentleness and respect that they have for one another which I really admire.  I caught a ride with them too, there and back, so it was a lot of time for me to see the lovely family dynamic they have going on.  

{The one below is one of my favourites.  It was soooo bright but her brother helped by holding the reflector and it worked perfectly.}
Did you notice the hummingbird in that last photo?  Such a fun session.  Congratulations you two!
Love, Louise


Ali said...

Great stuff Louise - and Kelly, you look great and such a fun way to celebrate #10!

kelly ens said...

we love love LOVE the photos!!! And we had so much fun with you too :) Thanks again for your amazing work and helping us celebrate #10 in such a memorable way!

Carol said...

I had seen some of these on Kelly's blog - they are terrific. Some of the ones with Alf and Kelly and the beautiful scenery behind them are really spectacular - I love the one of their backs while they are lsitting on a big rock, looking out ever the water and mountains! And what is even more amazing is that, 10 years later, Kelly's wedding dress is big on her!!

Rose Kroeker said...

Happy 10th Anniversary Kelly & Alf (and Taeya & Ezra!) What an awesome idea! Rose Kroeker