Monday, October 14, 2013

Emily & Mark | Pitt Lake Engagement Session

We are so excited to be photographing Emily and Mark's wedding next May.  Gary and I taught Emily years ago so it's always so fun to reconnect with past students and see what they're doing and who they are going to be marrying!  Mark wasn't so sure about photos but I dare say he kind of enjoyed himself!  Pitt Lake is gorgeous.  Pitt Lake on a cloudy evening with the sun peeking out behind the clouds? Even better.  These two are so sweet together and you can see during a session how a couple communicates.  These two bounce ideas off of each other and work really well as a team (while sharing a lot of smiles between themselves!).

We did change the session date due to the weather and it ended up working so well for all of us!  Mark, it was great to meet you, and Emily, so great to see you again.  Gary and I are looking forward to your wedding.  Enjoy.
{I LOVE this area with the long grass! Fortunately it wasn't too marshy!}

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Carol said...

The lighting is lovely!