Monday, October 28, 2013

Andrew & Nicole | Whonnock Lake Wedding

So much awesomeness.  Nicole and Andrew are high school sweethearts who have amazingly positive attitudes.  Their wedding day was wet.  Like, dark, gloomy, torrential rains.  However, as you will see, the smiles did not leave their faces!  I would never make a bride and groom take pictures outside if they didn't want to, but these two embraced the large umbrella (Yay for the Umbrella Store on Granville Island!) and were so relaxed about it.   The photos and reception were at Whonnock Lake which does not have a lot of cover from the rain and it even had a regatta going on that afternoon which limited our use of the dock.  We would go out and take some photos and then run back in.  Repeat.  They were rock stars and so was their wedding party.

There were some fantastic moments throughout the day and some that stand out are; the maid of honour practicing the first dance with the bride, Nicole's dad tearing up when seeing her for the first time (and when walking her down the aisle!), and Andrew's brother making a `little' bit of fun of him at the reception.  Touching moments filled with laughter and fun.  Family members remembered and honoured.  It was a beautiful day.  Enjoy.

Andrew and Nicole, we had a great day with you and were totally impressed with the way you handled the wild weather. If you can weather that storm no problem, you guys will do amazingly.   Congratulations!
Love, Louise and Gary

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kelly ens said...

These are beautiful, Louise! The wedding party, the colors/flowers and the locations. I cannot even imagine how difficult it would have been in all that rain - way to rock it and huge props to the wedding party for being so awesome too!