Monday, September 23, 2013

Miller & Lily | Stewart Farms Family Photos

I am so thankful that we got this session in when we did!  The weather has been so tricky lately and the evening we did this, it was perfect.   I love Stewart Farms in late September as the apple orchard is full of apples...must remember that date for next year!  It was the perfect setting for two energetic children.  Miller has just turned one and big sister Lily enjoyed celebrating it by playing with the balloons and possibly eating the Oreo off of his cupcake before he had a chance to :) 

I have a few tricks up my sleeve when photographing little kids and they loved each one of them, phew!  Hiding behind the reflector, apples on my head, singing `Happy Birthday', and the `Don't smile!' all seemed to work.  Brandy and Andy, it was great to see you and your family again...sorry I subjected you to my singing.  
I love the photos below because it is exactly what Gary did with our kids when they were little and they would respond the same way.
Happy first birthday, Miller!
Love, Louise

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