Monday, September 2, 2013

Back To School Mini Sessions | Tynehead Park

It's back to school time! Wow, we had an amazing summer but I have to say that in this house, we are all ready to head back to school.  Well, Gary back to teaching and Kai off to grade two!  Koen still has another year of preschool (he's a January 2 baby, so close!) and I'll be subbing part time!

Every year I love to get some `Back To School' photos of my own kids.  Just like last year, I did a night of mini sessions and below are some of the adorable kiddos!  I love having them write their own name and grade (if they want) so when you look back you can see their cute little writing at that age:)  Here are some of the photos from our cloudy mini session night...just a few raindrops at the end but we made it!

Happy Back to School Everyone!

Love, Louise

{First off is Brooke.  So sweet and she's headed to kindergarten! } 
{Next up is a group of cousins who I have enjoyed photographing over the years!  They just rocked the photos so they had time to get some group combos too!}
{And a couple of my own kids with haircuts that were just a bit too short, oops :)}
Happy September!!

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Carol said...

What a cute group of cousins! My favourite photo was of the boy in the plaid shirt on the grass with his hands up under his head!