Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Connor & Blake | A Hug Filled Redwood Park Session

Redwood Park is great for a family session AND there is a perfect playground to play at afterwards.  We just had a mini session (20 minutes) which was the perfect amount for Connor and Blake.  In a mini session, there isn't a lot of walking around, just using one spot and going for it:)  

The boys did so well and it was a great way for all of us to start our day.  This session is a bit `hug-ier' and cuddlier than most which I think is adorable.  Whenever I `feel' a photo, I provide it in colour and black and white...there were a lot of black and whites on their disk and I love the say they look.  Enjoy!
Brenda and Shane, so great to see you again and see your boys all grown up and so tall!!  Hope the last few days of your holidays went well:)
Love, Louise

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Carol said...

They were a huggy, kissy bunch - Great photos!