Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bear Creek Gardens | Extended Family Session

Bear Creek Gardens is a great place for summer family sessions as there is ample shade, beautiful gardens and then a fabulous playground for the kiddos to play at afterwards!  I met Kelsey (youngest daughter in the family) years ago through the wonderful world of blogging and facebook:)  She was a bridesmaid in Sara and Dan's wedding back in 2010 when her oldest daughter, Addison, was still in utero.  Being that they were visiting family for a couple of weeks this summer, an extended family session was a great idea!  Every grandparent loves an extended family session :)

I have two more extended family sessions this August and then I am actually no longer doing them.  If you are interested in one, I can recommend several photographers for you!  As a photographer, it's definitely ideal to narrow your niche and this is one area that I struggle to be creative with:)   I love meeting so many people and seeing the family dynamics but it's tricky to get all the combo's down while organizing and keeping kids interested!  It's like trying to squeeze 4 family sessions into one which really takes away from flexibility and candidness!

However, back to the session here...let's see if you can guess which adult sibling is the comedian in the family:)
It was great to meet you all!  Kiddos, you all did so well!! Parents, not bad either:)

Love, Louise


The Smith's said...

They look great Louise! Thanks again!

krystine said...

The pictures are fantastic! Thank you so much!