Monday, August 19, 2013

Ava, Wesley and Nico | Summery Cuteness at Bear Creek Gardens

Last week I had a mini session with Jenny and Mike's beautiful family.  When they stepped out of the car I was so happy to see their bright summery colours!  So perfect.  Ava, Wesley and Nicholas are so adorable and so energetic :)  We chose a quiet part of Bear Creek Gardens where they wouldn't be very distracted and just did a mini session (20 minutes).  The kids were then free to go wild.  Jenny and Mike are amazing parents who just exude love and patience.  I love meeting such awesome people and just getting to know them in this setting.  Yes, pictures can be stressful for some, but if you just relax and let your kids be themselves, it will all be okay.
It was so great to see you all again!  I hope you enjoyed exploring the park afterwards.
Mike and Jenny, great to see you again.  I especially liked that this time it was in the sunshine instead of the rain:)

Love, Louise

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