Thursday, August 29, 2013

12 Children | Fort Langley Extended Family Session

Yes, you read the title correctly.  This awesome family has 12 kids.  Add in some spouses and some grandkids and so far they are up to 21!  I am one of 5 girls so I can definitely say that although a big family can be tough at times, it is so fun.  Especially as we are adults now, it's so special and I can see that with this family too.  They meet every Sunday for dinner so we met just beforehand to capture some updated family photos.  What a great family, seriously, they were such a pleasure to be with!  Non stop smiles all around.  Talking about smiles, let's start with Jake:)  So cute!
{And the other three grandkids; Kayleigh, Sophia and James}
{Mom with her 7 daughters and then dad with his 5 sons.}
{Please note little Jake had his mom hiding behind the girls holding on to first!}
It was such a pleasure to meet you all.   I imagine that your family dinners are so special and a tad bit wild.  I hope that tradition continues for years and years to come!
Thanks for having me capture your family photos.
Love, Louise

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Kimberly de Blieck said...

Wild! I totally worked with the Dad of this big family! Too funny!