Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby Grace | Newborn Photos

Meet my newest niece, Grace!  She was born on July 24th, just before we were loading a plane back from Thailand.  I'm sad to have missed her amazing birth (amazing meaning fast and Trish pulled/guided her out herself with the assistance of a midwife) but am glad to have a beautiful baby girl to get to know.  She was born at 7lbs 7oz and looks a whole lot like her big sister Hannah.  

Trish just wanted a few newborn photos of her and a couple with momma.  It was so easy!  Grace came sleeping and left sleeping, wow. I've never seen such a laid back baby.  However, I know she's given Trish some rough nights so she's not always easy:) 

Congratulations Trish and Steve on your beautiful baby girl!  
{I picked up three of these cotton scarves/blankets like the pink one below from Thailand while I was there, I like the way they look!  Just $1 each too:)}
Love you Gracie!

Love, Auntie Louise

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nut said...

thank you for always coming through with such gorgeous photos:) im glad to capture this stage while shes still tiny and sleepy, and relatively cooperative!