Friday, June 28, 2013

Trish | Mini Maternity Session

My littlest sister, Trish, is having her second baby in about a month!   I'm very excited to meet my newest niece or nephew (I know what it is but maybe they are not sharing)!  I was there for Hannah's birth and I'm hoping I'm there for the little ones arrival.  We get back from a large trip on her due date...Last time I had more of a support role but this time I would be there as the photographer.  We'll see!

These photos were sort of last minute (we had changed the date) and we wanted to do them when Hannah was happy, so they were at 3 pm.  Not ideal on a bright sunny day, but we got a few.  Little did we know, Hannah had food poisoning as we were soon to find out.  She was not the happiest little girl and did not let Trish put her down (I actually photoshopped her out on the two photos of Trish by herself !).  Poor girl, had we known how she was feeling we wouldn't have done them.  Well, she was a trooper and we got some keepers.

Here are just a few pictures of my lil sis and her girl Hannah.  Trish, you are a beautiful momma!  Enjoy!

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