Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jessica & Nick | Pitt Meadows Wedding Photos

If you could order up any weather for your wedding day, this would be it!  Clouds that make it look like it could rain at any time with some sweet sunshine pouring through.  Loved it! 

Jessica & Nick have been dating  for 8 years and they celebrated their big day at the South Bonson Community Center in Pitt Meadows.  I love that location as there is so much natural light in the building!  You will notice it in their ceremony and reception photos.  They just so happened to get married on `Maple Ridge Day' so there were even fireworks to celebrate their big day. 

Jessica works as an editor/producer at Oh Boy Productions (video production) so she definitely knows her stuff.  I love when she first contacted me and wanted to know all about what cameras and lenses we shot with.  I totally would have asked the same question.  They had some great video coverage of their day too so I know they've `covered all their angles' :) 

Their wedding party was full of loved ones; siblings and friends.  Jessica had four friends that she has been friends with through high school and they are still all close 10 years later.  

Without further ado, here are `some' photos of their beautiful day! Enjoy.

{Quote: `I don't have him!!!'}
{Have you seen the photo bomb pictures where the wedding party is running away from a dinosaur...this is it without the dinosaur :)}
{Holly, I love your face in the entrance below.  Way to get into it!}
Congratulations Jessica and Nick!! Thank you for choosing us to capture your big day.  We loved the venue and you were all so easy to work with!  All the best to you two.
Love, Louise and Gary

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julie fletcher said...

Louise you did a fantastic Job!! they look radiant!