Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day | Celebrating Gary

I wasn't going to do a post here but there are some cute pictures of my kids that make me smile, so why not share them?  Gary is the father of these three beautiful kids.  He is a very involved dad who does so much with and for these kiddos.  When I first saw him playing with his nieces and nephews about 9 years ago, I knew that he would make a fabulous father and I wanted to marry him (we were dating at the time just to clear that up).
{Kai: 6.5, Koen: 4.5, Nya: 1}
For Father's Day, the kids and I brainstormed about things that made Gary who he is and what we appreciate about him.  I used these photos to make Gary's card.  The kids are imitating Gary, and Kai's sequence makes me laugh so much.  Gary is not animated so Kai is definitely overdoing it in the photos but it's so awesome.  Kai is showing Gary's love for sports, video games and food...
{Did you see the grab into the chip bag above? It just makes me smile.}
{Koen, well, he means well!  He's at the awkward 4 year old stage where if you tell him to act something out he gets really, really silly.  So, I had him just stand still.  He is showing how Gary encourages us to explore the outdoors and how he takes care of the yard and home.  Not great photos but must include my Kokies.}
{And Nya.  Gary does the majority of the cooking in our home (I know, so lucky!!) and he often involves the kids in it. }
{I made an 11X14 print  with some of these photos and a nice cheesy rhyming poem beside it. I can't share it as I do really cheesy poems but there may have been lines like `You are our Top Chef Winner'.}

Here is a picture of Gary behind his NEW camera which we gave him for Father's Day.  Gary would always rather be behind the camera :)  If you're not familiar with the GoPro camera, it looks tiny but it can do a lot!  
Happy Father's Day Gary!  I love watching you with the kids. You make me smile.  Most of the time.
Love, Louise, Kai, Koen and Nya.

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