Thursday, June 20, 2013

Everly | 6 Month Photos

I met with Tamara and Jason early Saturday morning and it was so worth it.   The best time for photos is either early morning or an hour or two before sunset.  Although, usually the time when kids are happiest takes precedence over good light :)  Except for noon, I really try not to do photos then.  We met up at a little field by my house which doesn't look like much but totally works well.  

Everly is 6 months old and seems to be such a happy little girl!  I love her gummy smile and her obvious love for her mom and dad.  And seriously, the floral bloomers? So cute!  Here is just a mini (20 min) session with their beautiful little girl. 

{Did you notice the kiss marks on her cheek above, I like it:)}
Tamara and Jason, so great to meet your little girl!  Everly, keep on enjoying those toesies of yours (I love the foot grabbing stage!).
Love, Louise

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Tamara said...

My chunky little monkey. I love these photos so much!