Thursday, June 6, 2013

Elissa & Michael | Tynehead Park Wedding Photos

What a great day.   Elissa has been a bridesmaid in several weddings we've done and now she was the bride!!   I taught Elissa first way back when she was in grade eight and I have a feeling she is going to teach my kids one day as she is going to be a high school science/biology teacher!  That's just one of the reasons she is so cool:)    I know Michael from when I was one of his cross country coaches (aka bus driver) back in high school.  There was no coaching him as he could probably run better than me when he was 5.  It's so fun taking pictures of people that you have such a history with, thank you for having us!

Elissa and Michael started dating after they were the maid of honour and best man in a wedding years ago.  It was Elissa's sister, Adana, and Michael's best friend (now brother in law) Daniel.   So fun.  There are many, many photos posted here so I will get right to it!  

Enjoy this sunshine filled wedding day!
{I love father daughter photos...}
The ceremony was at Bethany Baptist Church which was a beautiful venue.  So big and full of light.}

{Then it was off to Tynehead Park for family and wedding party photos.  We used several locations like the Serpentine Fields and Hills.}
{Below is Serpentine Park.  It's where Michael proposed to Elissa...right there on the baseball diamond!}
Congratulations Elissa and Michael!! Thank you for having us be part of your day, we really enjoyed ourselves!  All the best to you as you continue on as husband and wife!
Love, Louise and Gary


Shannon said...

Gorgeous photos, as usual! Love that overpass in Tynehead - makes for some cool photos! Fun that her sis was pregnant during the pics :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness these are stunning beyond words...beautifully captured moments of pure joy!

Carol said...

Such great photos (by the way, I love the bride's hair)