Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jacob's 2nd Birthday | Redwood Park Photos

About a year and half ago, I met Jacob for the first time and you can see those photos here.  So fun to look back and see the smiley-est kid ever!  This time, instead of the bright colours of Fort Langley, it was more of a nature-ish family session as any two year old likes to explore.   Jacob loved the playground and the sticks and the trails and everything :)

The reason for this session was that it was Jacob's 2nd birthday!  Check out the super cute ones of him towards the end with his balloons, he loved them!  

Lael and Steve, great to see you again!
Love, Louise


Carol said...

What a cute little fellow!

Ali said...

Love the one of him holding hands with mom and dad. Lael - he's such a cutie!!!