Friday, May 3, 2013

Braedon and Nathan | Campbell Valley Family Photos

Heidi and Ryan were gifted a mini session for Christmas from their wonderful sister and brother-in-law, Mark and Erynn (whose wedding pictures you just saw earlier this week!).   Heidi let me know that the boys were very high energy and so we just let them run around Campbell Valley Park and then once in a while we would contain them for a family photo :)   

I personally love having photos of my kids at these ages because it's a wild and busy time, and although it's exhausting, it's so great to have these memories captured.  They might not all be looking and smiling in a lot of the photos, but they are just being...them.  And really, that's what you want to remember.  Okay, here ya go!  Enjoy.
It was nice to hang out with your family a couple of weeks in a row, and Ryan, I hope your shoes recovered from that walk across the muddy field!

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kelly ens said...

such a cute family!

i TOTALLY laughed at your comment about the shoes...i did a session there last week and we crossed the field....SOAKED feet! :)