Monday, May 20, 2013

Brady Marek | Langley Birth Photography

Four years ago, I captured my first birth on camera.   It was Ali and Joel's first son, Caden and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  A couple of years later, I was able to photograph the arrival of their second son, Cole. Although I wish I could do birth photography full time, I can only do about one per year as it's just too hard to be `on call' with three kids and a photography business with weddings (aka inflexible dates!).  One day maybe.  I told Ali, my long time friend of 12 years, that I would do my best to be there but couldn't promise anything.  

On Thursday, May 16th, at 7 am, I got the phone call!  Ali was in labour and headed to the hospital.  Last time I arrived just in time so I knew we didn't have much time.  I was able to get my kids off to my sister's house (thank you Maria and Pam!) and was at the hospital by 8 am.  Ali did not want any pictures of her labouring, just the first few minutes with babe.  So, I spent some time with them as she laboured and then I went to the waiting room to wait for the `she's pushing!' call :)  It was a tough one and it's so hard to see a friend going through it.  She was amazing and tough and she did it!   I have never pushed a baby out (oh, did I try!!) and I am in awe of the strength of their minds and bodies every single time.  

At 9:20 am, I entered the room as mom and dad met their newest son!!!!  They didn't know what they were having.  What a beautiful baby boy.  8lbs 6oz.  Great lungs. Brown hair.  Cute. Very cute.  I let out a sob or two (how can you not?!) and then captured some photos of them celebrating his arrival.  
Welcome Baby Brady.  You are so loved.  You are such a blessing and I cannot wait to get to know you!  Way to go Ali and Joel, you did it!  What a wonderful addition to your family.  Love, Louise


Lisa Seyfried said...

Oh, I love these Louise!!

susan said...

I've known Ali for basically forever so seeing these pictures is such a treat! It brought tears to my eyes!! You captured IT - that elation & tenderness - just gorgeous!!

Shannon Grochowski said...

love them Louise! Extremely beautiful!