Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paige & Naomi | Derby Reach Family Photos

We recently had a half hour photo session auctioned off at a fundraiser for seven students going to Sierra Leone over Spring Break.  The winners of this silent auction item were Rob and Christina!  Like many families, they have never had professional family photos done and I'm so glad they chose to do so.   Their girls are at a great age for it and I think they now have a bunch of wall worthy family images :)

Their eldest daughter, Paige, has been in our son Kai's class for the past two years so it was a good chance to get to know them better as a family.  We just spent some time wandering around Derby Reach Heritage Site which gave the girls some time to explore.  Paige and Naomi, you girls did such a good job!  

There's some good ones!  Enjoy.

{I have the exact same image of my boys giving me a kiss at this hangs in our hallway. I love it.}

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Anonymous said...

Great shots of our daughter's family. Can see you had a good time! Kathy