Thursday, April 4, 2013

Melissa's Birthday | Family Photos

Our good friends, Brent and Melissa, have four ENERGETIC and adorable kids.  I feel like their older boys, Matthew and Ayden, sort of prepared us for what having two boys can be like :) Wild.  Busy. Fun.   Gary has known Brent for almost 20 years and they were actually roommates for a while too.  I was there to capture their daughter Amarys' birth   two years ago and it is a wonderful memory for me.  

As a gift for Melissa's birthday AND the fact that they are moving away, I did a mini family session for them.  Now, it was during the super cold part of spring break so the kids were super chilly but I think they did a pretty wonderful job!  

We will miss you Team V and we'll be coming to visit!
I know the picture below is funny but I included it because it's `them'...I think they were joking that Melissa was pregnant with #5.  She's not:) 
We'll miss you guys!

Love, Louise and Gary

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Kristin Chandra said...

What a lovely family!! I actually went to elementary school with Brent!