Friday, March 22, 2013

Nya and I | 10 Months Old

This afternoon, the boys were visiting grandma and grandpa for a few hours, the sun was out (sporadically), and Gary was had a few minutes to relax and watch whatever basketball game was playing. March Madness is his favourite sporting event of the year.  I asked Gary if we could go and take some pictures of Nya and I as she just turned 10 months old today, and he said yes.  Thank you, Gary!!  We took just a few minutes to get these photos and I'm so glad we did them.  True, I wish I had more time to flatten my hair but oh well, it's not like I ever do my hair anyway:)  I love having pictures with my family.  LOVE IT.

Nya turned 10 months old today.  I love her to bits.  She is so incredibly happy and laid back.  She is so quick to smile.  She loves her momma.  She also loves Kai's silly voices, trying to catch Koen's cars, tickles from daddy, and playing in the bath tub.  She is chit chatting away all the time and is very much on the move by crawling and furniture cruising.  I am so thankful for each child that we have and how they all shape our family.  Nya adds a lot of joy and sweetness and softens us all.  This stage is wonderful; she is so interactive and yet she can play independently exploring every bit of our home. 

Happy 10 months baby girl.  We love you so much and thank God for you daily.  XOXO.

PS Yay for spring sunshine on the Lower Mainland!!


Margriet Radke said...

These photos are gorgeous! Nya is so smiley and seems like such a sweet girl!

kelly ens said...

(I think something happened to my first comment attempt)
Sooo cute! And you look great Louise! Is that near your house, by the school?

Carol said...

Sweet photos of you and your daughter!

Ali said...

I LOVE these pics of you and Cutie-Pya!!! Two months til I know if I'll get a baby that looks anywhere as cute in a pair of leggings and a head band :)

megan edelman photography said...

Gorgeous ladies! Nya is such a doll and Louise...yummy mummy much? Hugs :)

nut said...

Louise you look VERY happy!! How could you not be with such a gem of a baby girl? love it.