Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blakelyn | Tynehead Park Family Photos

Meet Blakelyn.  She is a sweet little girl who just turned two!   She is also an ADORABLE energizer bunny:)  She did not stop, and wow, does she have a lot of energy.  I love that...such a zest for life.   Knowing this, Jen and Ian booked a mini session (20 minutes) so that it wouldn't be too hard on her to sit still for a bit.  It worked perfectly.  

Also, I was so thankful that Jen and Ian could switch their session date at the last minute.  Saturday had an incredible amount of rain but Sunday was perfect!! 

Here are some pictures of Jen, Ian and Blakelyn at Tynehead Park.  Fortunately we were in the dog park area so that kept Blakelyn VERY entertained :)    Enjoy.
Below is what she was like most of the time.  I love it!  
Happy 2nd birthday Blakelyn!  It was nice meeting you....and chasing you :)


Carol said...

Wow - you got a lot of great photos in this mini session!

kelly ens said...

great location, weather and cute family :)

Shannon said...

this child has the most gorgeous eyes ever! and love her name. great photos :)