Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sage | Photos at Eight Months Old

Hi there!  My name is Sage.  I was born just a couple of weeks before Miss Louise's daughter, Nya.  My big brother is friends with her son Kai.  Mommy and daddy wanted pictures of me at eight months old, just like they did with my big brother and sister.  Eight months is a fun age because I can sit and crawl and I smile a lot!  Unfortunately, January is pretty cold but we braved the outdoors at Stewart Farms and I did so well!  My big sister came along to help, she was so great at getting me to smile.  We just did a mini session and here are some pictures of me.  Enjoy!
My big brother and sister have photos in a wash basin and I wanted some too!  I might be wearing just a few more clothes than they were in theirs but I think it looks cozy.
Sage, I had a great time photographing you.  You are such a sweet girl and I look forward to you and Nya becoming friends over the years.  It was so fun when your mom found out I was pregnant and then told me that she was too!  Happy 8 months Sage!  
Love, Nya's Mommy.


kelly ens said...

what a BEAUTIFUL little girl!!! great shots, Louise!

Ali said...

So stinkin' cute!!!