Friday, June 29, 2012

Lyra, Logan & Cody | Mission Family Session

I've had about two months off of taking photos for other families and what a great way to come back! Pam and I worked together teaching science at the same school a few years back, and now look at us...three kids each!

I've loved doing their photos every June and I can't believe how big the kids are now! We met up in Mission as they live close by and I was there visiting my sister. I always love discovering new parks and this was no exception. It is called Fraser River Heritage Park and we only used a small portion of it...there's a sweet white church type building at the top of the hill that would be another great backdrop. There had been a wild windstorm the night before so there was debris everywhere but the weather was perfect and the kiddos brought their beautiful smiles. Enjoy!

{Lyra's eyes amaze me every year. She loved twirling in her dress which totally brought me back to my childhood:)}

{Logan, below, does not hand out his smiles easily so I was thankful to get these ones out of him! I may have had a few leaves on my head or something of that sort, but it worked!}

Pam and Nolan, it was great to see you all again and to meet litte/big Cody! Hope you are enjoying your Canada Day long weekend!
Love, Louise

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Nya | Meet Our Little Girl

On May 22nd, at 8:30am, we welcomed our beautiful daughter into this world. She was 2lbs smaller than her big brothers at 7lbs 14oz, but she was just as long (21.5"). We are so incredibly thankful for this healthy baby girl and are savouring every minute with her. Her big brothers think she is the cutest thing around and I agree:) Her name is Nya Greta Chapman. Nya is a Swahili name that means `Purpose'. Greta was my mom's name (she passed away 6 years ago).

In about one month we will return to our regular photo sessions but in the meantime, we will be taking just a `few' photos of our beautiful family. Gary and I took some time this weekend to take some photos of Nya with each of us. It is kind of exhausting attempting your own newborn photos, and there was really no way we could get a decent full family photo, but that will happen in just a few months:) Also, we had the big boys running around the whole time which wasn't ideal...oh well, we got some good ones I think!

She is sleeping in almost all of these photos (the first two taken at 4 days old, the rest taken at 10 days of age) but soon I will show you some photos of her beautiful blue eyes. So far she is a pretty laid back little girl and we are loving being a family of 5!


{I know all the pictures below are sort of the same but I love them:)}

{Kai wanted a photo with his baby sister. He really, really loves her. I also love Kai's freckles in this photo.}

{I love the daddy and daughter pictures below.}

So, now you have met baby Nya. Isn't she cute?! I think so:)
Love, One Happy Momma.