Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nya | Six Months Old

Eek! I had meant to do a proper 6 month post but I never got around to taking the photos I wanted to because we were all so sick.  However, Miss Nya is turning 7 months old on Saturday so I better post some of the ones I do have:) 

Nya is such a joy.  She is relaxed, easy going, quick to smile and she is very loved!!  Her brothers think she is the cutest thing and I tend to agree.  She now rolls over to sleep on her tummy and is almost sitting on her own.  She would much rather play with the tv remote than any of her toys. She loves being held and going for walks.  She does not love going to bed at night...  

Here are some pictures of my little babe at just 16 lbs and 27" long:)

My goal over the holidays is to have Gary take some photos of me with my little girl.  So often I am critical of how I look in photos (like many of you tell me about yourselves!), but I want my little girl to have photos showing her how much her momma loves her.
So thankful for this baby girl.  She has brought so much sunshine into our lives.  How is she 7 months old already?!


Caryn Ouwehand said...

The one of her in the grey ruffled dress is my favorite! SOOOOO CUTE!

Ali said...

I'm all ready to have my baby just so you can take some adorable photos of him/her. I'm going for the 'posy' look this time instead of just relaxed, family style. Yay. She's ridiculously cute. Nice work Momma!

Rachel said...

She is too cute!! Love all the little outfits you put on her, especially the grey ruffled one!