Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mark & Erynn | Pitt Lake Engagement Session

What a wonderful engagement session, I loved it!!  Mark and Erynn met playing volleyball, and let me tell you, this is the second wedding that we are photographing where the couple met that way.  Just a little idea for those looking for love:)

Mark does not live locally and so we only had two potential days to do an engagement session. Somehow that first choice ended up having AMAZING weather.   Pitt Lake is a beautiful location but Pitt Lake with cloudy skies and sun peaking through is REALLY beautiful.  

Erynn was a little nervous about the photos but they were both complete naturals.  I loved the way they were goofy, sweet and fun together.  Also, Erynn came with some great pinterest ideas and a canoe.  Yes, a canoe.  Love it.  As a side note, Gary and I in a canoe together? Not so romantic when I'm trying to steer.  Apparently I'm not so good at it.

So, without further ado, here are some photos of a super sweet couple.  Enjoy!

Mark and Erynn,  I had a great time with you two!!  See Erynn, nothing to be nervous about:)  Happy wedding planning and we'll see you next April.


kelly ens said...

ooooh, so beautiful! love the scrabble picture and the canoe ones :)

Erica said...

love it!!! what great pictures!

Carol said...

Great photo shoot! I love that last one in the canoe!

Shannon said...

the canoe is the coolest idea ever!!! as always, great photos ;)