Friday, October 26, 2012

Elissa & Michael | Deas Island Engagement Session

I am so excited for Elissa and Michael's wedding next May.  I taught Elissa first when she was in grade eight and I loved her class.  It was the year that Gary and I got married and all the girls were so happy for me.  Now I get to be happy for her!   Back then, she was super sweet and hardworking and just had a great heart.  And now, same thing:)   Mike is a few years older than her and he also went to the same school, although, they never even talked all through high school.  I didn't teach Mike but I was one of his coaches in cross country, and let me tell you, there wasn't any coaching I could give him, he was/is an amazing runner.  

Elissa was the maid of honour in her sisters' wedding, and Mike was the best man.  Her sister Adana, and husband-to-be Daniel, thought that they would make a good couple and they were right!  Just over three years later, and a proposal on the baseball field,  here we are. 

Although the forecast was predicting rain, they were super good sports about going for it anyway.  I loved catching up with these two and although like most couples, they were a little nervous about having their photos taken, they were naturals.  Enjoy.
It was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally raining by these last few shots, but look at them, smiles all around:)  Happy wedding planning you two, it was great to see you again!


Ali said...

So cute you guys!!! Happy wedding planning. Nice work Louise!

Carol said...

You'd never know it was raining in those last few shots. Good job to the couple and to you, Louise!

Shannon said...

great photos!!!! (as always!)

Jackie said...

I like the one of him dipping her - very cute. And I love how they met!!! How cool!