Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Alaina & Victor | Coal Harbour Wedding Photos

Gary and I were so excited to photograph Alaina and Victor's wedding.  We have known Alaina, through working at the same school, for about 10 years or so.  I am so happy that she has met a true gentleman that adores her.  In their program, they shared a bit of their love story, and here is some of it:

"It was aboard the Caribbean Princess in the summer of 2009 when Victor first 
spotted Alaina on the dance floor. Mesmerized by her seemingly flawless 
Latin moves, he found the courage to ask her to dance. It was an offer she 
couldn`t refuse and that `Yes' ignited a  friendship, a beginning, and more 
importantly a love story. Our love story. It is a story of strength, perseverance, the best airport reunions and huge sacrifice.  It is a story of two souls following their hearts, despite the risk, despite 
the distance, but because they were truly meant to be.
It is a story of a grand adventure where a man gives up his whole life and 
moves continents to be with the woman he loves."

I have to say, that by spending just one day together, Alaina and Victor have inspired Gary and I to show our love and affection to each other a whole lot more.

I have included more photos than I normally do as so many of Victor's friend and family were unable to attend due to the fact that they live in Peru.  Hopefully these photos help to share the day with them.  Enjoy!
{Below is Alaina's dad seeing her for the first time.  Here is he saying `I remember when you were a little baby in my arms...'}
{Victor's dad was able to be here for their big day. They shared many special moments together.}
{Being that their ceremony and reception were aboard the Sunset Bay II Yacht, they had their `First Look', family and portrait photos in Coal Harbour beforehand.  I love Victor's giddy face as he is seeing Alaina for the first time!}
{And now for the rest of the day aboard the boat!  It all started with a sunset ceremony....}
Congratulations Alaina and Victor! Felicidades!  Gracias por invitarnos a fotografiar su boda. Eres una pareja encantadora.  Que Dios te bendiga.  That was using an online translator so hopefully I didn't say anything terrible:)  I hope you had a lovely honeymoon and all the best to you two!  


Carolyn said...

Wow.... These are some of the most stunning wedding pictures I've seen. Of course Alaina looking radiant as ever helps. Beautiful photos Gary & Louise!!!

Ali said...

I loved these pics too!!! And Alaina and Victor, congratulations!! What a beautiful day to celebrate the beginning of your married life together.

kelly ens said...

WOW, what a beautiful wedding! Love the way they incorporated both countries in some of the details.
LOVE the first shot with the calla lilies and reflection on the piano!

Rita - Mother of the bride said...

Amazingly captures true moments of the celebration of Alaina and Victor's love!

Nancy Anderson said...

These are gorgeous photos of a beautiful couple! I'm so glad that I got to see them as Alaina's a special lady! Congratulations Alaina and Victor!

Creating A Viable Safety Program said...

Very beautiful. Congratulations!

Jackie said...

Aw. Love it. I LOVE the photos of the dad seeing her for the first time...and of course, Victor's face with giddy excitement when he saw her for the first time. They look like such a cute/loving couple.

Terry Wolgram said...

Lovely pictures of a lovely couple! I loved the Peruvian touches, especially the groom! Ha. May the happy couple have many years of good health and happiness together.