Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Brittany & Jordan | Northview Wedding

Brittany and Jordan met at UBC several years ago although they may have met earlier had she listened to her uncle. He told Brittany to look out for his coworker's son who was also going to UBC...you know, amongst 50,000 students:) They ended up being part of the same club and spent some time together, getting to know each other at a retreat, and look where they are today!

Brittany was busy writing not just one thesis but TWO in the year leading up to their wedding. They were both very busy and so Brittany's mom and her cousin Angela did a lot of the planning leaving Brittany to make the decisions. It came together beautifully.

You might want to play `This Thing Called Love' by Queen while you look through these photos. It was pretty much playing the entire day as the videographers were putting together a montage of the day where people were breaking out in song and dance to that song. It has been in my head ever since:)

I started out with the girls at Brittany's parents house...

Gary met up with the guys at Jordan's parents house. After a game of 500 Up with a frisbee (did I mention in their boxers?!), they all got ready outside. Great lighting:)

We then went to Campbell Valley Park for the `First Look', family photos and portraits. I'll just include the photos from when they first saw each other for this part. It was really beautiful and heart warming and I'm not just saying that. Brittany had mentioned, when getting her make up on earlier, that when Jordan saw her all done up in the past, he would tend to say `You look strange' or something to that effect. Well, when he saw her on their wedding day, he was in awe and couldn't stop saying how beautiful she was. Loved it.

The ceremony and reception were at Northview and boy, do we LOVE a good outdoor wedding! Take note of the water bottles, a great way to utilize your engagement photos! The stickers are actually car decals so they are waterproof.

And here are some of their photos from our time at Campbell Valley Park...

And then the beautiful reception at Northview...

Congratulations Brittany and Jordan!! Thank you for inviting us to be part of your day and I hope you had a relaxing honeymoon after such a busy, busy year!

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Carol said...

Great pictures of a beautiful wedding! I love the purple against the green backgrounds!