Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back To School | Part One

I love photographing kids!!! I put this fundraiser together on Saturday and it happened on Monday! So last minute but I thought that if we are celebrating our kids going back to school (or school for the first time!), we can help someone else go to school as well. There is a school in Kabala, Sierra Leone that was built and sponsored by the school that Kai goes to and Gary teaches at. We raised enough in the 2 hours of mini sessions to pay for one student to go to school for the year. You can read more about sponsorship here.

I get nervous trying something new, I guess everyone is afraid of failure, but I'm so glad it was a success and it has encouraged me to take more risks:)

Here are some absolutely beautiful kids, inside and out, from the first hour of our event. I love capturing a kid's favourite book or new back to school outfit or just things that make them `them'. I know each kid has similar photos to the others but I still want to show them all:)

Thank you to all of the families that participated, to Gary for doing all the heavy lifting, and to my friend Maria for running the welcome table and being a chalkboard writer extraordinaire:). Stay tuned for more wonderful kiddos in Part 2!

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